Artists & Vendors in the Gallery

Our Gallery hosts special art shows, guest vendors, and special performances and appearances by building residents. To reach the main gallery you can either enter through the upper garage and turn left to go through the double doors OR enter at the main entrance, walk up the stairs and down the hall then make a right.


Featured Artist

Hazel Glass

Specializing in the creation of layered decorative art, Hazel Glass channels her experiences and inspirations through illustrated stories, photography, pattern design, and hand cut paper. Firmly believing that bigger is not better, she finds both the meticulous technical challenges and the resulting delicacy of working small too intriguing to ignore. Regardless of medium, Hazel's work revels in color contrast to create intricate patterns and scenes with depth.





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Red Fern Adornments #171

Red Fern Adornents combines modern lapidary techniques with metal smithing and wood working to make all original pieces of body jewelry as well as other forms of personal adornment.


MOdern Mint

Modern and Mint designs and creates modern home decor to help your house feel like a home. Focusing on using clean lines and wood features, Modern and Mint draws inspiration from mid century furniture.


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Once upon a time a native  New Yorker, now a Portland local ,Trained by Yamuna Zake, the creator and Visionary of YBR in NY, Bliss Yoga Center, Oregon School of Massage, and Bill Flocco of the American Academy of Reflexology. I became certified in  all the Yamuna Body sustainability systems, to help students free their bodies of pain due to misalignment. A licensed massage therapist in Oregon and Washington, and  a nationally certified reflexologist with American Reflexology Certifying Board. My yoga training was drawn from Hatha, Ashtanga, Anusara and Iyengar. I also read tarot.


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Nils Dougan

Inspired by the fundamental patterns of the universe, the basic shapes that combine to create the infinite spectrum we see before us, I use a focused laser to cut sheets of wood which are then stacked for effect


Veschist Art

 Hi, Iā€™m Vee! A local artist, biologist, dog walker, and a mycology enthusiast! Most of my work is inspired by the outdoors, as well as some nerdy pop-culture,  and some is even made with what I find in the woods! Most, if not all of my paintings are done in watercolor and then touched up digitally to bring the art onto items such as stickers and bags! Other mediums i dable in are resin, ceramics/ polymer clay, jewelry and textiles!


Not Participating December

Good Walrus Goods

Good Walrus Goods is a shop of peppy, vibrant and chirpy art, stationery and accessories created by Artist-in-Chief Andrea Rosales. Andrea's work is inspired by her love of color, animation, and pride in her Mexican roots. Through Good Walrus Goods, Andrea strives to convey a zest for life, her sense of humor (which is rich with puns) and whimsical charm.

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In both the Gallery and their studio


A creative space for the clay art community to learn, practice and grow! Classes, workshops, memberships and drop in studio for adults and children.

Visit our retail space in the Annex



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