November 16th 5-9pm

The Artists & Makers of Cathedral Park Place 

Every Third Friday visit the Cathedral Park Place building in St John's to enter the working studios of several of our artists and makers. This monthly event will have a rotating list of active spaces, each with their own exhibits and promotions. Below is a directory of artists and makers in the Cathedral Park Place building and their respective studio numbers. Unless noted, you can find their studios open for the current month's Open Studio.  

This event is dog friendly and all ages. The main entrance is usually through the garage unless otherwise noted. 

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To Enter the building either enter through the upper garage and turn left into the double doors, or enter the main front entrance, walk up the stairs and go down the hall. You can find large maps posted as well as small maps you can take with you to locate all the studios. Be sure to visit the gallery to see our current exhibit and vendors. 

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Studio Catawampus #228

Studio Catawampus is the art of Rebecca Flaum, a Portland, Oregon based artist and illustrator.

Rebecca Flaum is a Portland based artist who specializes in quirky imaginative realism and emotive fantasy art. She uses art to create a window into a fantastical universe peopled with strange and mystical beasts and with just a touch of humor and absurdity in the air. When not exploring arcane worlds, she can usually be found exploring this one or puttering around in her North Portland home where she lives with a person, a snake, and a comically large cat.


Optimystical Studios #230

Optimystical Studios specializes in handmade geek jewelry that incorporates everything from Doctor Who to comics to science 


Pisces Trading Company #216

Purveyors of crystals, minerals, fossils, and meteorites, both retail and wholesale.

Established in 1994 in Portland.

In addition to the Cathedral Open Studios, we open our doors to the public once a month.

To find out about our open house events, you can join our group on Facebook "St. Johns Crystals"

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Constellation Tattoo Collective #292

Constellation Tattoo Collective is a queer & POC owned and co-operated private tattoo studio.

0103 Nevertheless She Persisted.jpg

Guest Artist

Valentine Barker #230

Based in Portland, Oregon, Valentine is a freelance illustrator and comic artist originally from San Jose, California. He studied illustration at the California College of Arts and Crafts and spends his days drawing things that make him giggle while singing Portishead songs to his dachshund, Hazel.


Elmpixie Tattoos #228

Em Greenseth is currently enjoying focusing on tattooing, while still dabbling in other art forms. With a background in sculpture and conceptual design, their spatial orientation, sense of 3 dimensions and creative use of color are uniquely suited to creating one of a kind, beautiful pieces that can be cherished on your body for life. Em’s mission is to make receiving a unique and personalized tattoo a comfortable and safe experience for people of all bodies, skins, genders, lifestyles, sexes and presentations. They will work tirelessly to meet your needs both in custom design work and in your overall experience.


Lavender's Threads #230


Kirista Trask #245

Kirista Trask translates subtle moments and landscapes into swirling abstraction, blending saturated, opaque colors with translucent washes to evoke moment as an emotional experience.  Her work is created using a variety of materials, including acrylic, ink, charcoal, pencil, oil pastel, chalk and coffee, in order to react to the spirit of the location at the moment.  Her best work is done plein air style in stunning locations all over Oregon and anywhere an airplane will take her


Phil Broussard #268

Phil Broussard paints in acrylics, making them reminiscent of luminous oil paintings.  He is inspired both by the surrealism of industry and the realism of everyday scenery.  Growing up in Texas, he was surrounded by vast open spaces,  rambling ranch homes and the petroleum industry.  He strives to mimic the memory of the light and recreate the childhood nostalgia of those mysterious, seemingly abandoned sites.


Gary Houston #211

Rock & Roll Poster Extravaganza!

Gary Houston is a graphic designer and illustrator in Portland, Oregon making concert posters under the moniker of Voodoo Catbox. With over 40 years of experience designing & printing posters for local venues and touring bands, he is currently known for for his work for the Oregon Waterfront Bluegrass Festival.

Gary works in a variety of mediums, including hand-drawn ink or scratchboard illustrations, and hand-cut rubylith to create unique limited edition screen print posters.


Sienna Art Studios #264

Sienna draws entirely with numbers and equations by hand, using data from her own research. Each image is drawn with its own scientific story. She is self taught in art and science and thinks they're both improved by the other.

 At her studio you are invited to see behind the scenes of original work in progress, as well as see how team SAS makes the prints and shirts available every weekend at the Portland Saturday Market.


Dragon's Lair Creations #230

“Kaly is the blurred movement you see out of the corner of your eye that is gone the moment you begin to turn your head.  The comforting scent of everything and nothing. The dangerous smile you see when you first peer into the void.” 


Fringe Benefits Weaving #219

Megan Rothstein is a handweaver and instructor of Sogetsu Ikebana, a school of Japanese floral art. Megan is a production weaver of handwoven naturally dyed scarves and shawls which will be available for purchase in the studio. There will also be examples of Sogetsu Ikebana arrangements and information on ikebana classes and the process of hand weaving.


Isaka Shamsud-Din #215

I am Isaka Shamsud-Din, a lifelong artist, educator and activist . 

My drawings, paintings, and murals focus on black history and culture, and social commentary. Posters, prints and greeting cards featuring my work will be offered for sale at my 1st Open Studios event.